Preventive Dentistry

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preventive dentistry
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Preventive Dentistry

Maintaining good oral health is crucial to your overall well-being, and Maywood Children and Family Dentistry in Maywood, CA, is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care services to keep your smile healthy and bright.

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Dental Cleaning

Our dental cleaning services aim to remove plaque and tartar buildup, preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Our skilled dental hygienists use advanced techniques and tools to provide you with a thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth. In addition, we offer deep cleaning services and gum therapy for patients with advanced gum disease. Our practice also offers minimally invasive procedures, which can help regenerate bone around loose teeth and failing implants.

Comprehensive Dental Exams and Oral Cancer Screenings

At Maywood Children and Family Dentistry, we believe that prevention is key, which is why we provide comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings. By detecting potential issues early on, we can address them before they become more significant problems. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to identify any potential issues and provide you with personalized treatment options.

dental exams and oral cancer screenings
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We understand that proper oral hygiene techniques, such as brushing and flossing, are essential for a healthy smile, which is why our dental professionals are dedicated to educating our patients. We provide personalized recommendations and tips to help you restore and maintain optimal oral health.

We strive to offer the highest quality dental cleaning and prevention services at Maywood Children and Family Dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today to start your journey toward a healthier smile.

Maintain A Healthy Smile

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